Time to rise!

We are a team of linguists working to establish a co-op to deliver a full range of language services across the UK.

Our advantage over the traditional agencies is that we are able to link clients directly with a relevant linguist with minimum delay. We achieve this by employing smart technology, speeding up our response to client service requests. Our linguists take full responsibility for managing the delivery of client assignments.

We are looking for linguists to join us, to ensure that our services cover the whole spectrum of languages and geographical locations.

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What will a co-op mean for us?


Clients receive a professional service at an affordable price and that rewards the professional linguists fairly, as the linguist’s work is not funding the costs and profits of cut-throat agencies.


End User Clients deal directly with the people they want to work with - the Linguist Professionals - without having to navigate the uncertainties of commercial agendas, faced when dealing with an agency.


The Co-op association of linguists works in the interests of the profession. Agencies may provide work, but do so in pursuit of their own profits, usually at the expense of the professional linguist who delivers the service.


No one is better able to ensure that interpreters are qualified and deliver to the highest standards than other interpreters. Rather than chasing profits by cutting quality – we will ensure that clients receive consistent first class services by ensuring that qualified linguists deliver assignments that are matched to their ability and experience.

Here's how we will do it...

Democratic set-up

Our goal is UK-wide membership. We want to give every member a chance to have a say in the direction of this project. To make it possible, we are calling on advice from experts in the field of community enterprises. We are also setting up a dedicated digital workspace to help us get organised and work together. Read more about our plan for governance.

Co-operative values

We will become a member of a global movement of co-operative enterprises which comprises almost 7,000 businesses in the UK alone. By joining them, we will be adopting the movement’s values of democracy, community, and mutual support. Find out more about co-operative principles.

Competitive market strategy

We will follow a comprehensive market strategy tailored to make our services affordable and bookings with us quick and easy while making sure our linguists get paid properly. Here's a brief summary of our market strategy.

Technology and automation

We are going to take advantage of existing state-of-the-art apps and AI developed by the best tech companies. We’ll use their in-built connectivity to create an IT system that meets our needs; from confirming bookings to time-tracking to invoicing and payments. And the best part is, it can be done on a very modest budget.

Five stages to get there:

Stage 1

Who's on board?

Stage 2

Show your credentials

Stage 3

Join the digital platform

Stage 4

Become a member

Stage 5

Work and earn