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You did it! Our two-week crowdfunding drive is now officially over. And it's been a big success! We will now be able to carry out the registration and formally set up our co-operative (we have already set things in motion). Our warmest thanks go to every single person who made this possible. You all deserved a toast! (and that's what we will be doing tonight...😉)


We're looking for co-founders!

To put our plans into action, we are expanding The Interpreting Collective founding team. In the coming weeks and months we intend to complete our official registration with the Financial Conduct Authority, and secure the necessary funding for the project. These will be the two major steps towards developing the first iteration of our digital platform and preparing for the market launch. We are therefore looking for 2-5 candidates to join our team as Founder Members or Founding Associates to work with us in this crucial start-up stage and beyond.

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Roles and responsibilities

Start-up teams like ours tend to have loosely defined roles and every member is expected to wear many different hats. Typical tasks and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

Experience is not strictly necessary. However, it is important that candidates are flexible, proactive, open to learning new things, and comfortable working with technology. Good team working skills and optimistic outlook will also be essential.


Volunteering for our project in addition to a day job and other regular activities can be challenging at times. Being a member of our team will require, at a minimum, the commitments listed below. We would request applications only from candidates who can be sure they can meet them:


Although the positions being offered are unpaid, the right candidates will be able to derive other benefits. Some financial rewards or reimbursements might be offered at some stage only if we obtain sufficient funding for the project. However, we shouldn't expect the first salaried positions to be created sooner than when we start generating enough profit. Other more immediate benefits could include:

Founder Member or Founding Associate?

Candidates for the Steering Group must indicate if they wish to become a Founder Member or a Founding Associate.

Names of Founder Members will be submitted to the FCA when we apply to be officially registered. Those members will be expected to constitute the first Board of Directors of our co-op and remain in their posts until the first AGM, which will take place 12-15 months after we have been established. Ideally, each member of the Board should oversee some selected aspect of our day-to-day operations. It is those positions that will be remunerated first.

Founding Associates will go on to become our first regular co-op members. They will be able to attend the AGM, vote on motions, and stand for elections. As co-owners of the co-operative they are entitled to a share of profits (the dividend).

Please note that in order to be a member of The Interpreting Collective, candidates will need to demonstrate:

Find out more at our webinar

If you are interested in hearing more, sign up for a live recruitment webinar. It will consist of a short presentation followed by a Q&A session and will be a perfect opportunity to meet the team behind the project and have your questions answered. We are planning to hold a few webinars on different days and at different times. We also want to keep the number of participants at each webinar manageable, so that we can have a meaningful discussion with everyone. Please submit your email below and we will get back to you later with a choice of dates. Make sure you have registered as an interpreter with us first; otherwise your request may not be considered. As always, we will be grateful for sharing this information with your colleagues and friends.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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